Free Sports Betting Picks and Tips (Best Betting Sites)

Sports Betting Headquarters provides high-quality resources to gamblers at all experience levels.

We can go deep, digging through data trends and sharing our various analyses on individual sporting events and the overall gaming industry. We can also keep things light, sharing reviews of online sportsbooks and commenting on funny social media sports headlines.

We pay experts to research, prepare, produce, write, and distribute our betting picks, gambling strategies, and hot takes on everything from the Olympics to DII college sports.

Our goal at Sports Betting Headquarters is to supplement your own knowledge and experience and (hopefully) make your time spent placing sports bets more entertaining, if not more financially rewarding. We hope you’ll come to consider Sports Betting Headquarters a clearing house for everything you need to feel prepared and confident when placing wagers on sporting events.

Below is a guide to each of the sections of our site. We’re proud to feel like we cover sports gambling from all angles, and we hope you’ll agree that we have something for gamblers of all types.

Expert Sports Betting Picks

You probably don’t want to be in a room alone with a professional sports gambler. The guys who live and breathe this stuff don’t have time for much else – they’re not the most social creates. That’s where Sports Betting Headquarters comes in. We pay these guys and listen to what they say, all so you don’t have to.

We’re currently staffed with dozens of pro sports gamblers who trade what they know and what they’ve experienced with us, and we pass those strategies, tips, tricks, and tips on to our readers. Our site is home to everything from picks for the big game tonight to long-term trend tracking analysis and commentary.

Sports Betting How-To Content

The modern world of sports gambling is complicated. You can place bets on sports from all over the world, obscure or mainstream. Our task is to mine through all of that and present our readers with the best possible opportunities.

At Sports Betting Headquarters, we’re aiming to have the most varied coverage of any of our competitors. Our advice is almost always geared toward specific sports – not only are the rules of the games different, but the methods for successfully betting on them differ greatly.

Our coverage currently extends to bets placed on the following sports:

NFL Betting

NBA Betting

MLB Betting

NHL Betting

NCAA Basketball Betting

NCAA Football Betting

UFC Betting

eSports Betting

Olympics Betting

Politics Betting

Other Forms of Betting

If you’ve found a proposition you’d like some coverage on and you can’t find it in our existing content, please feel free to reach out to our team with your request. One of the best ways we can commit to our audience is to listen to their requests and fulfill them. Please contact the team about your obscure sport or league and we will do everything we can to give you an educated and unbiased take.

Sports Betting Blog

Some of our experts are excellent writers. We like to give these wordsmiths a platform to share whatever they’re working on. We may have a football expert covering a combine one day then debating the relative merits of a mock draft the next. We have experts who specialize in non-major women’s college basketball teams, and they have plenty to say.

Our blogs may be our most powerful tool in lifting up sports bettors to make the most informed wagers they can. Learn directly from our experts what concepts, statistics, specific betting strategies, and trends they’re following, and learn from their mistakes to increase your bottom line.

Some of our popular sports betting blog posts include:

—Sports Betting 101

Top 9 Sports Betting Mistakes

Betting Strategy Guides

There’s a benefit to becoming a statistics freak. Bettors who understand the numbers behind the games are generally more successful. That said, if you don’t know how to place bets strategically, all the game knowledge in the world won’t make you successful enough to break even.

Sports Betting Headquarters is a repository for valuable real money sports betting strategy guides, written specifically for different sports, propositions, betting styles, and bettors.

Some of our most popular strategy guides are:

—Moneyline Betting Strategy

—Spread Betting Strategy

—Totals Betting Strategy

—Parlay Betting Strategy

Betting Odds for Sports Bettors

Don’t overlook the value of increasing your basic knowledge of odds as it relates to sports betting and gambling in general. The areas of our site focused on betting odds are designed to give beginning bettors an overview of the mathematics behind our hobby, but also as a place to host live odds and updates to our odds-based feeds. Remember that sports news is a 24/7 cycle, and as a result, books are constantly making small changes in lines and propositions that can have a big impact on your day-to-day betting strategy.

While we aren’t a site that primarily deals with line shopping, we understand the value of things like comparing available odds and looking for value in the offerings available from our friends at the sportsbooks. We’ll cover those opportunities alongside more traditional sports news and betting strategy coverage.

Online Sportsbook Reviews

Building on our last point – what good is sports knowledge and strategic know-how if you can’t find an honest and full-featured legal sportsbook to take your wagers? Once you’ve become an expert in your chosen sport and learned the ins and outs of wise sports betting, turn to our longform reviews of sportsbook options for US and Canadian players to get a sense of where you should and should not be placing wagers.

How can I tell a legit sportsbook from a fly-by-night scam? What features should you look for when choosing a sportsbook? What about bonuses, is that something I should be playing for? What are the legal ramifications of doing business with different books? These questions are addressed in our reviews, and our writers are constantly updating the information to reflect the frequent changes in site offerings.


Sports Betting Headquarters FAQ

Why did you launch Sports Betting Headquarters?

Our goal at Sports Betting Headquarters has always been to deliver high-quality sports betting content and resources to bettors of all skill levels.

This all started because of a frustrated session of Web searching on the part of one of our founders, who just wanted to place a simple bet on a college basketball game on a whim. Finding nothing but poorly written, vague, outdated, and sales-laden sites and fake blogs, he decided it couldn’t be that hard to produce something of real value to sports gambling readers.

Our catchphrase around the office is: “specific and actionable.” These are the qualities we’re looking for in literally all of our content, from sportsbook reviews to reports on NBA player press conference outfits. Here’s the data, here’s how we interpret it, here’s what we think you should do with it.

What sports does Sports Betting Headquarters cover?

We want to cover as many sports as possible. If we could cover every sporting even in the world, and make money doing that, we would. For now, we’re also limited by the expertise of the writers and other analysts we work with. The major sports and some major non-sporting events will be covered for the time being. That means coverage for football, basketball, baseball, MMA, soccer, auto racing, horse racing, esports, hockey, and Olympics events, along with a few takes on political and celebrity markets from time to time.

Are you a US-facing site?

Our primary market is sports gamblers in the United States and Canada, though we frequently cover sporting events of interest to bettors from all over the world. As far as strategies, gamblers from all over the world can benefit from a better understanding of how to place bets and how to take advantage of bonuses and other perks.

How many people write for Sports Betting Headquarters?

We have a large and ever-changing pool of sports betting geeks, numbers-obsessed degenerates, writers on the dole, vampiric overpaid editors, and a few other categories of stragglers. All jokes aside, the site was founded by two friends who remain involved in the site’s day-to-day activities but are by no means the only source of information.

How often do you make picks and release news and odds?

When we find value to offer our readers, we make updates. If it isn’t high quality, specific, and immediately actionable, we don’t want to cover it. We never want to make an update or a post or something just for the sake of releasing information for the day or the week.

To conclude, we believe that as long as there are sports gamblers with questions or in need of help, we should be available to fill that need. Our team, collectively, has the expertise and experience to be of so much service to people placing hobby bets, and even to professional-level gamblers in need of a fresh angle.

We hope to add new sections, new writers, and new services as they become available. In the meantime, enjoy our reviews, blog posts, and other insights into our favorite hobby. We’re very confident that between our huge amounts of industry experience, our generous and thoughtful free picks, our frequently updated betting strategy tips and guides, and other free tools, we’ll make a long-time reader (and a better gambler) out of you.