About SportsBettingHeadquarters.com

Sports Betting Headquarters is a grassroots effort, the dream of a couple of buddies as put together by a growing team of sports bettors and math fanatics.

We’d be lost without our superlative team of writers and editors. No matter how we design the site, and no matter what features we add, sports bettors aren’t going to visit (and, even more importantly, visit again and again) without dynamic and valuable content in frequent rotation. We wanted to honor their work by using the bulk of this About page to highlight a handful of our dedicated writing staff.

Jim Eric Richter

Jim Eric wants you to know that he’s most proud of three things: his son’s MVP season in Pony League, his Granville, Ohio roots (go Blue Aces!), and his fifteen-year winning streak in a private fantasy football league, which he insists must be a record or something.

Not only is Jim Eric our go-to for all things DFS and fantasy sports, but he also seems to have accidentally specialized in offering patient and meaningful advice for sports betting newcomers and seasoned bettors branching out into new markets. He says that comes from a life of being the smartest guy in the room, but we think he’s just a gentle soul that’s found a niche.

Favorite Sport: To watch? College basketball. To bet on? Pro football (daily fantasy format).
Favorite Casino Game: Keno, because it’s like bingo but stupider.
Best Sports Betting Moment: Taking the over on TCU/Baylor in 2019 – all my buddies had the under.
Worst Sports Betting Moment:
Minnesota beating Purdue on a last-second bad call in 2020, I don’t like to talk about it.

Michal Lianne Bowers

Michal Bowers is sort of like our secret weapon. Ivy educated (Cornell) and working full-time as a financial professional, she’s like the high school straight-A math student who was cool and would let you cheat off her in exchange for whatever contraband you had. When she isn’t writing for us or working a full-time job, she’s learning new hobbies at a frenzied pace and reading every book within reach.

Michal is an NBA genius, with talents that spread into basically every other basketball market, from NCAA to the women’s games, Olympics and even some of the international roundball leagues. I swear Michal could handicap G-League games and our readers would benefit from her analysis.

Favorite Sport: Basketball, basketball, basketball. It’s in my blood!
Favorite Casino Game: I’m a blackjack girl. Give me a cocktail and a stack of chips and I’m good.
Best Sports Betting Moment: Even though UH is my hometown team, I had Oregon State beating the spread in this year’s tournament, and a beautiful late Beaver 3-pointer put me in the money. I still get chills.
Worst Sports Betting Moment:
I had Georgia State beating the spread against Cincinnati early in the 2018 NCAA tournament and you no doubt know how that played out.

Anthony Stockman

Anthony Stockman, we call him Tony around the office, is an all-sports statistic obsessed numbers wonk that ends up being the brunt of all of our jokes. He’s not the world’s biggest sports fan, and he refuses to gamble more than a buck or two. But he’s a crucial part of our approach to sports, gambling, and all the ways they intersect.

Tony has a bunch of degrees and certificates that give him permission to do the secret hidden invisible math that keeps the planet turning. We don’t always understand him when he’s muttering about his latest project, but the results are brilliant. Tony’s the guy you want explaining difficult concepts to you, and we love him for it.

Favorite Sport: Baseball produces the most intricate system of statistics relative to other sports.
Favorite Casino Game: Roulette, mostly because of the dark origins of the game.
Best Sports Betting Moment: I love the feeling of a late-round perfect bracket.
Worst Sports Betting Moment:
Making bad picks.

Hillman Block

Hillman Block was a writer before we met him, but he’d never placed a legal bet. It took about a year for us to turn him into a sports betting fiend. We respect Hillman’s experience as a writing instructor and professional magazine editor, but we absolutely adore him for his snarky and sarcastic takes on sports news and betting industry happenings.

Hillman’s our hockey guy (being from Minnesota, he can’t really help that), but he’s also become something of a soccer expert, starting with national teams during World Cup cycles and now branching out now into European leagues as well. We want Hillman to stick around so we promised him he’d get a nice highlight on the About page. It was either that or pay him more per word, and we think you know which one we’d prefer.

Favorite Sport: Hockey is what soccer thinks it is.
Favorite Casino Game: I love the instant reward of a slot machine.
Best Sports Betting Moment: My very first legal sports bet was $100 on a four-team parlay that hit and paid off 10-1. I was hooked.
Worst Sports Betting Moment:
I had the under at 5.5 for Minnesota-Los Angeles earlier this year, took the worst possible beat when Suter tied with less than 0.5 on the clock. I’ll never forget it.


Our work here is mostly a labor of love, and while we tend to avoid the kind of sales-y language usually stuffed into pages like this, we do consider it our mission to be a reliable resource for anything and everything sports bettors may be interested in. An active comment section, something we hope to initiate with challenging and thoughtful content, would really spur that mission on.

We hope that’s what you find on our blog, our reviews, and our sports betting guides and picks.