How to Become a Professional Handicapper (Sports Betting Pro)

How to Become a Professional Handicapper and Sports Bettor

Most people looking for information about how to become a professional handicapper hope to become sports betting pros. But not all handicappers are pro sports bettors. In fact, most handicappers are amateurs — some more talented than others. (They’re definitely not making $100 a day.) And some handicappers work for sportsbooks crunching numbers and setting … Read more

Poker vs Blackjack (Which to Play and Why in 2022)

I like comparing gambling games and activities. And one of my favorite comparisons is poker vs blackjack. Both are great games, but they don’t have much in common. While both games use cards, blackjack players compete against the casino. And poker players compete against other poker players. Both games have strategies that improve your odds. … Read more

How Do Blackjack Side Bets Work?

It’s not unusual for someone to ask me, “How do blackjack side bets work?” There are two reasons for this. For one thing, all my friends know I love to gamble. I own a few different pairs of blackjack-themed socks for formal occasions. But also, blackjack side bets seem more complicated than they really are. … Read more