How to Recover from a Big Gambling Loss

Bad beats happen. Games of chance produce wild swings of wins and losses, a natural variance that the human mind perceives as good or bad luck. Without risk, gambling wouldn’t exist. The specter of losing is always hovering over the roulette wheel, the poker table, and the sportsbook counter. The ability to recover from a … Read more

Sportsbooks Stink at Picking This Type of College Basketball Game

In the zoo that is collegiate amateur sports, college basketball is a different kind of animal. Baseball and football move along in an orderly fashion, with early-season non-conference matchups followed by a regular-season of conference opponents, ending in a conference championship. College basketball has tournaments beginning in the first week of the regular season. If … Read more

How Do Parlays Work?

Have you ever been asked how do parlays work? I’ve been asked this question so many times that I decided to write a quick post about it to point people to the post every time I get asked this question. A parlay is a sports bet on two or more teams in a combination bet. … Read more

How Much Is a Unit in Betting?

Have you ever heard the term betting unit and wondered how much is a unit in betting? I always find it interesting how gamblers use some terms that you don’t hear anywhere else or that mean something different than they mean in other contexts. It turns out that the term betting unit is simple, but … Read more

World Series Baseball Betting Tips

There’s no bigger event in baseball than the World Series. It’s a global sports event drawing in viewers and press from around the world. Betting during the World Series is likewise massive, with sportsbooks stuffed with casual bettors who may not place a bet on a single game at any other time of the year. … Read more

Follow These Advanced Baseball Stats for Easier MLB Handicapping

Too many baseball bettors are complaining that they lose too often while building their handicapping strategy on ancient statistics. This is like driving a horse and buggy and complaining that it takes you too long to get to work. If you’re still comparing pitchers using ERA, or if you’re stuck analyzing hitters through their batting … Read more