Hot Streak Betting (How to Bet on a Gambling Hot Streak)

Few things in gambling rival the feeling you get when you’re on a hot streak. But if you don’t use the right hot streak betting strategies you’re in danger of giving your winnings back.

When you get on a gambling hot streak it seems like you can’t lose. But every hot streak eventually comes to an end.

How you maximize your winnings on your hot streak and recognizing when a streak is ending are both important. And that’s why I put this post together. By the end of this post, you’ll know how to maximize every hot streak and how to prepare for the end of the streak.

Gambling Hot Streaks and How to Gamble During Them

Defining a Gambling Hot Streak

How do you define a gambling hot streak? A hot streak is when everything seems to turn your way. The cards you need magically appear or the symbols on the slot machine line up perfectly over and over.

Some gamblers think luck is what dictates hot streaks. But hot streaks are simply short-term variances.

Just like you experience losing streaks, you also experience winning streaks.

But it doesn’t matter why you’re on a hot streak. What matters is how you handle the winning streak. Winning as much as you can before the hot streak ends should be your goal.

And your next goal should be how to recognize when your hot streak ends. A hot streak doesn’t help you if you keep pushing after the streak and lose all of the money you won.

A hot streak doesn’t mean you win every hand or spin. Though you can win several spins or hands in a row. But some hot streaks mix in a few losses with a lot of wins.

Enjoy a hot streak when you hit one because the end is coming sooner than you want.

Blackjack Hot Street Betting

Blackjack hot streaks come in different ways. Sometimes you hit two or three naturals in a row. And sometimes you stand on a nine and seven and the dealer busts. Sometimes you hit on a hard 15 and draw a five or six.

It doesn’t matter how a blackjack hot streak hits you. As long as you recognize the streak and adjust your betting to take advantage of it.

Should you bet more when you’re on a blackjack streak? Betting more might be the best plan, but it’s not the only way to take advantage.

Use proper blackjack strategy when you’re on a hot streak, just like when you’re not on a streak. Trust in your hot streak to give you or the dealer the cards you need.

Basic strategy is always correct.

Poker Hot Streak Betting

Poker hot streaks usually show up in hitting the cards you need during hands. Like when you get a free look at the flop with seven nine and flop a straight. Or when you’re drawing to a flush and hit it on the river.

Using good poker strategy wins in the long run. But anyone can win with a hot streak.

But many poker players make a big mistake when they’re getting lucky and running hot. Instead of sticking with good strategy and pot odds, they take chances when they should fold.

Don’t let a poker hot streak lead you to bad decisions. Fold the hands that you need to fold and let the hot streak help you on the next hand.

If you continue using good strategy when the hot streak ends you don’t have to make adjustments.

Slots Hot Streak Betting

Slot machines are nothing like blackjack and poker. You can’t use strategy and there aren’t correct and incorrect plays. Slots play is as close to luck as any gambling activity.

When you’re on a hot streak playing slots, keep spinning the reels as fast as you can until the streak ends.

But how do you know when your slots hot streak ends? That’s the million dollar question. And if you ever find the answer, you’re going to get rich.

The best advice for slots hot streak betting is to make sure you’re betting enough to qualify for the jackpot or top pay. If you have a choice about how many pay lines are active, activate them all. And if you have to bet the maximum amount to win the progressive jackpot, bet the max.

If you don’t know when your hot streak ends, here are a couple of tips.

  • If you lose three spins in a row, the streak is usually over.
  • Switch machines to see if your streak continues.
  • Take a short break after a few losses.

Sports Betting Hot Streaks

When you’re on a sports betting hot streak you can’t pick a loser. But when a sports betting streak end, it ends fast. You might follow seven wins in a row with six or seven losses.

Maximizing your sports betting hot streak is challenging. And that’s why I don’t recommend changing anything during a streak betting on sports.

Winning sports bettors handicap games. If you’re a good handicapper you win more than you lose. If you rely on luck and streaks, you’re losing more than you win.

When you’re handicapping sporting events and winning, keep handicapping. And if you’re handicapping and losing, improve your handicapping skills.

Rely on your handicapping skills and enjoy the hot streaks when you hit them. But never count on a hot sports betting streak to make money.

Craps Hot Streak Betting

You see hot streaks more in craps than any other game. A player sets a point and rolls 10 or 20 or more times in a row without the turn ending.

If you’re betting during a craps hot streak you can rack up a big win. And if you do it right, you can take money off the table covering your original wagers and ride with house money. I cover playing with house money in the next section.

Craps hot streaks are great because you don’t have to be the player on a roll. You can take advantage of another player having a streak.

Keep stacking your wins when you see a craps hot streak. And keep taking some money off the table after each win. You can let a portion of every win ride, but when you take some profits along the way you avoid getting crushed when the streak ends.

Betting with House Money

Here’s one of the most important things you need to do when you have a hot streak. Take the money you started with off the table as quickly as possible.

Once you take your starting stake out of play, you’re playing with house money.

Here’s an example:

You start with $100 in the slot machine. You hit a hot streak and your balance is $400. Cash out $100 and keep playing with $300. Or even better, cash out $200 and play with $200. This way you lock in a win from your hot streak.

Here’s another example:

You’re playing blackjack with $300. You get on a roll and double your stack to $600. Take $400 off the table and continue playing with $200.

If your hot streak continues you can keep building on the $200. But if your luck runs out and you lose $200, you still have $100 in profit for the playing session.

Profiting from your hot streak is about how much money you finish with. It doesn’t matter how much you win during the streak. What matter is how much you walk away with.

When you take money off the table covering your starting bankroll, you’re playing with house money. Even if you end up giving it back, you’re still in good shape. And if you can take more than you started with out of play, you leave with more money than you started with.

Prepare for the End

Every hot betting streak comes to an end. Some last a long time, but even long streaks end. You need to prepare for the end of your streak before it happens.

Taking money out of play and playing with house money is the best strategy.

But you also need to learn how to determine when a hot streak is ending. When your hot streak ends, you need to stop gambling or lower your bets.

A loss or two doesn’t mean your streak is over. But you need to start paying close attention to three or more losses in a row. It’s always better to back off a little too early than play a little too long.


Making money hand over fist during a hot streak is awesome. But if you don’t use the right hot streak betting strategies you’re going to lose all of the money you win. And sometimes you end up losing more than you win.

Learn how to recognize a hot streak. And learn how to recognize when your streak ends. If you take as much money out of play as possible when you’re on a streak, you can play with house money and leave with a profit.

Finally, remember hot and cold streaks are normal. A hot streak is right around the corner if you’re in a cold streak. And a cold streak is right around the corner if you’re in a hot streak.

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