7 Factors That Make Live Betting Awesome for Punters 

Live betting has exploded in popularity thanks to the advent of mobile gambling applications. For punters looking to boost their entertainment and profits, live betting fits the bill. 

Sports bettors fall in love with live betting for several reasons. There may not be a more exciting way to bet on sports than live betting. I’m sure there’s no more interactive approach to sports betting. 

Fringe sports bettors will fall in love with the various aspects of the latest gambling sensation. Check out these 7 factors that make live betting awesome for punters. 

What Is Live Betting? 

7 Factors That Make Live Betting Awesome for Punters 

Live betting is action that’s taken on a game in real-time. The sportsbooks may stop taking bets on the game right before kick-off, but that’s when live betting is just starting. 

Live betting gives players the chance to enjoy a fully immersive gambling experience. The live betting action opens as games begin, and the sites offer new wagers as the game progresses. 

Many of us have probably asked a friend if they wanted to bet that a team would score a TD on the current drive. Now you can make that bet with the sportsbook. 

Not only that, but the odds will change as the team move the ball downfield. So, waiting to make the wager on 3rd and 9 may give you better odds than 1st and 10. 

Live betting is incredible because you can watch the game from home or in person and make wagers on what you’re seeing. Many NFL teams have already inked deals with sportsbooks to offer live betting right at the stadiums. 

The rich get richer, but we get to have more fun in the process. 

1 – You Can Spread Your Bankroll Farther 

The average sports bettor will take their bankroll for the week and bet on one or two games. For example, a punter who has $200 budgeted for the week may make two $100 bets. 

From that point, the bettor sits back and waits for the games to unfold. It’s been the standard practice for decades, and it’s a great way to gamble. 

However, live betting allows punters to spread that out. There are three major time slots on Sundays for NFL gamblers. 

You have the early games, late games, and Sunday night. Live betting gives you more freedom to spread the wealth. 

Still, I suggest focusing on one or two games to get the most out of your investment. 

A good model for live betting is to break the money you have into equal parts per quarter. So, $200 split over two games is $25 per quarter. 

There are tons of exciting ways you can make those dollars work for you. Don’t underestimate the importance of entertainment when you’re betting on sports. 

2 – The Fun Level Gets Cranked to 11 

I’m going to ignore the sharp sports bettors for a moment and focus on the 99% of gamblers that bet on games for fun. 

Look, we all know that betting on sports can be a lucrative game. The elite sports bettors on the planet operate in the hundreds of millions. 

The fact remains that a significant majority of sports bettors merely want to be entertained. Betting on sports is a ton of fun already, but live betting takes the action to a new level. 

Sports bettors are primarily sports fans looking to add a little something to their sports viewing. Live betting allows you to place bets on the games as they happen. 

I cannot stress how much excitement this adds to the overall experience. 

My favorite aspect of live betting is the strategy involved in waiting for the odds to shift in a specific direction. One play can swing momentum, and suddenly the odds move too. 

It’s a great way to make a little money for savvy sports fans. Having a firm grasp of the game will allow you to pick the right moments to pounce. 

3 – You’ll Rarely Find Better Value in Sports Betting 

Finding value is a critical element of successful sports betting. The value you get from wagers ultimately makes the difference between winning and losing. 

Unfortunately, it’s challenging for the average sports fan to find any value in traditional sports betting. The expert handicappers working for the sportsbooks are masters at providing the perfect line to split the public. 

It almost reminds me of the major news outlets. But that’s a different topic for another time and place. 

Still, many average fans don’t stand a chance against the oddsmakers long-term unless they focus on live betting for the value bets. 

Don’t get me wrong; you’re still fighting an uphill battle. Your chances improve if you know the sport well enough. 

The algorithms employed by the live betting sites constantly work to move the odds in the sportsbooks favor. The good news for the sports genius is that these odds continually work with the average consumer in mind. 

That leaves room for smart gamblers to find value and rack up wins. When the value is correct, live betting has tremendous opportunities for bettors. 

4 – Live Betting Opens Up Additional Wagers 

Variety adds a huge entertainment aspect for recreational sports bettors. It also makes for better openings for savvy bettors. 

Sportsbooks can’t match the sheer volume of wagers available with live betting in any other format. Bettors have bets roll out each quarter, but prop bets are constantly flying at you. 

These unique wagers that punters face are one of the beautiful aspects of live betting. 

Sadly, the vast number of wagers also muddies the water. Without discipline, sports bettors can quickly go overboard with live betting options. 

That can lead to canceling out any wins or seriously exposing your bankroll to harm. 

5 – You Can Make Better Decisions with Real-Time Intel 

When you make a traditional sports bet, you should do your research ahead of time. The information you have beforehand is primarily predicated on past data. 

That gives gamblers a decent baseline of information, but sports are unpredictable. Wouldn’t you rather be able to handicap a game based on the flow? 

When an NBA team is lagging but staying close, the 4th quarter is when the action begins to pick up. It could be that a star player got in early foul trouble and is being saved for the end of the game. 

There are countless variables in every sport during every game that influence the result. Having that real-time data at your disposal is a magnificent advantage. 

Be careful of falling into the dangerous trap of recency bias. Merely because a weaker team gets the jump early doesn’t mean the tides of a game won’t shift. 

Don’t rely on the score to steer your betting decisions. Use your sports fan intuition to look at which team came to win. 

6 – You Don’t Have to Factor in Injuries 

In our current sports climate, the inactive list can change at the drop of a dime. One positive test and a player will be forced to miss several games. 

That’s not too alarming if we’re talking about a utility infielder in baseball. However, the starting QB missing games could be catastrophic for an NFL team. 

There’s not much need to search the injury reports or inactive players for live betting. The product on the field will speak for itself. 

Look for opportunities to leverage the IR against the sportsbooks for profit. If a backup comes in and starts lighting things up, being on the frontline of the action will serve you well. 

7 – You’ll Become a Better Gambler Through Live Betting 

When you place a bet on a game, you may or may not get around to watching the contest. You may follow the score on your phone while doing other activities. 

When you are live betting, you get to see every play of a game. If you’re paying attention, you’ll begin to spot patterns in the way plays shift the odds. 

You’ll also have a clearer image of what that means to the game’s total. That gives you more chances to fade the public and earn better profits. 

The more you engage in live betting, the better you become at handicapping games. That will directly translate to your typical sports betting activities. 

The Downside of Live Betting 

All forms of gambling come with their downsides. Live betting isn’t any different in that regard. 

Some gamblers have difficulty sticking to a plan when live betting. The fast-paced nature of live betting promotes a frenzied atmosphere. 

To have the most enjoyable experience, focus on a specific range of bets. That gives you time to reflect on your decisions and be sure that you aren’t making reactionary wagers. 

Other issues faced by live bettors are no different than the average sports bettor face. 


The 7 factors that make live betting excellent for punters list my favorite aspects of the discipline. One thing I know is that all sports bettors have unique preferences. 

The area of live betting that everyone will love is the novelty of the activity. Anytime something new comes to gamblers, it’s exciting. Live betting will keep the excitement alive for decades to come. 

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