A Look at Macau Sports Betting (Casino Gambling Capital of the World) 

Macau is one of the most beautiful gambling destinations on the planet. The area’s posh casinos are legendary in the gaming community.

Baccarat is the hands-down leader for casino games in the region. In some casinos, baccarat tables outnumber slot machines.

That’s a stark contrast to the U.S. casino market. Americans love slot machines. The spinning reels machines account for a majority of casino revenue.

There are plenty of differences between the Chinese and U.S. gambling market. But we’ll focus on sports betting here.

Let’s have a look at Macau sports betting. They do things differently in the casino gambling capital of the world.

Gamblers will rejoice in the vibrant sports scene in Macau. The region has enjoyed decades of success in sports and offers something for any gambler.

Not Your Typical American Sports Betting Scene

Sports Betting Macau Casinos

Sports betting is associated with sportsbooks flush with high-definition screens. Since sports betting became legal in Macau nearly 25 years ago, they have done things their way.

Sportsbooks in many destinations lock players in with a feel that’s a part casino and part sports bar. Punters enjoy pub-style grub and cold drinks while they watch the games.

If you’ve ever spent an NFL Sunday locked into the action, you’re familiar with the scene. Many punters have a hard time leaving.

That leads to a ton of betting action for the casino.

You won’t find a single casino in Macau that offers a sportsbook. One-hundred percent of sports betting is found in dedicated betting shops.

The lack of casino sportsbooks creates a unique scene in Macau. We’ll dive deeper into these betting shops later.

First, I want to look at other ways punters in Macau are making bets. Then we’ll look at what sports bettors in Macau prefer.

Keeping It on the Down Low

Illegal betting markets are tremendously lucrative. That’s a true statement across the globe.

Billions of dollars exchange hands annually on the black market. Macau isn’t immune to this underground betting scene.

The Wynn Macau was scrutinized when authorities uncovered an illegal gambling ring. There’s an incredible financial motivation for bookies to provide under-the-table action.

The odd thing about the illegal betting market in Macau is that sports betting is legal. So, underground gambling appears to be a matter of convenience.

Experts believe legal sports betting in the U.S. will shut down the criminal element. Yet, data from Macau seems to suggest that’s not the case.

There’s no rush to prosecute the individual sports bettors operating in the shadows. So, the arrangement between gamblers and small-time handicappers will continue.

The illegal operations can’t compete with the massive popularity of online sportsbooks.

Online Sports Betting in Macau

It’s no surprise that online sites are crushing in a region without sportsbooks. Many of the top online casinos provide services to citizens in the area.

It’s tricky to navigate since laws in Macau forbid online betting for citizens. Still, online betting sites go to great lengths to attract Chinese bettors.

Many aspects of the sites are geared toward the Macanese sports bettors specifically. That includes having dedicated customer support and an interface in Chinese.

Betting sites shift responsibility by stating the illegal nature of using the site. But that does little to discourage eager bettors.

Since the regulating bodies rarely go after the individual, everyone continues without concern.

Betting Shops

Earlier, I dropped the bombshell that Macau casinos are noticeably void of sportsbooks. That creates a giant hole for legit punters,

whether the government cracks down on the underground and online market or not. Many sports bettors are law-abiding citizens.

These gamblers may have careers or beliefs that prevent illegal gambling. Here is where the betting shops become a factor.

A unique aspect about these betting shops is that they’re all owned and operated by a single company. Stanley Ho built a gambling and entertainment monopoly in Macau.

Macau Slot holds a license with the government to be the sole provider of legal sports betting. It’s going to be almost impossible for any competitors to break into the market.

Imagine breaking into an industry where your largest competitor holds 100% market share.

Dog Tracks Thrive in the Region

Greyhound racing has seen a dramatic dip in the United States. But, race fans are helping the sport enjoy immense success in Macau.

The dog tracks in Macau are a favorite of locals and hold dozens of races per day. One benefit for gamblers is that you get one complimentary wager with your admission.

In addition to the betting at the tracks, gamblers can place wagers over the phone. Casinos are out on traditional sports betting; some do offer off-track betting.

The vast number of ways gamblers can enjoy horse racing adds to the sport’s popularity.

Soccer Holds a Top Spot

We call it soccer in the U.S., but football is the number one sport on the planet. That’s as true in Macau as anywhere else.

So, it’s no shock that soccer is the most wagered sport in Macau. Macanese love soccer as a pastime and a gambling venture.

The English Premier League is the most prominent soccer league on the planet. The league draws tremendous support from the region, and gamblers support their team.

Another extreme angle of betting on soccer in Macau comes on the national level. The sports bettors in the region turn out in massive numbers to show support for the national team.

Soccer is the largest revenue generator for betting shops in Macau. Yet, that’s not much different than many other parts of the world.

That goes back to a simple truth; sports bettors are more similar than you think.

Horse Racing at its Finest

Gambling on the ponies is a favorite with gamblers in Macau. The Macau Jockey Club facilitates a majority of the horse racing in Macau.

Gamblers flood the Jockey Club during races and lay a considerable number of bets on each race. Horse racing accounts for a significant portion of the overall gambling in the area.

The Jockey Club itself has over 220 betting windows for gamblers. If a gambler can’t make it to the track, Macau has close to 100 off-track betting options.

One of the best aspects of traveling to casinos abroad is getting a taste of the local flair. Horse racing is a fantastic glimpse into the culture and gambling habits of Macau.

All of the Hoopla on Hoops

Basketball is one of the sports on the way up in popularity. Some sports struggle to engage a fanbase. Yet, basketball attracts a diverse group of gamblers.

Chinese punters don’t have a prominent professional league to consume. Many gamblers choose to focus on the national team.

That places an incredible amount of focus on the international tournaments. The summer Olympics are the most significant international draw. Fringe basketball fans across the region put money on China as a show of support for the home team.

However, players from China competing on the world stage can’t compete with the NBA. The association is the global juggernaut in basketball.

Sports bettors clamor for the opportunity to wager on their favorite players. When a beloved pro makes their way from China to the NBA, there’s an enormous amount of attention.

Another aspect that makes basketball popular is many of the Chinese locals play the game. Macau is full of amateur basketball leagues.

Sports fans make avid sports bettors. When the fans are playing the game at any level, that amps up the intensity.

Basketball will continue to be a significant piece of the sports betting pie in Macau.

Macau’s Sports Betting Future

The future of sports betting remains uncertain. Yes, there will continue to be a massive market for the racing, soccer, and basketball scene.

But will the monopoly on sports betting stifle the region’s full potential?

That’s impossible to gauge. The market isn’t falling behind with Macau Slot running the scene.

Opening up sports betting to a larger group of operators would mean better lines for the punters. Yet, there’s no public outcry for more options.

It looks like the only sports betting shop in Macau has learned not to mess up a good thing. Eventually, the company will face outside competition.

But when you own the entire market, it’s tough to lose.


The casino gambling capital of the world marches to its own beat. A look at Macau sports betting clearly illustrates that.

Yet, despite all of our differences, there’s a ton of similarities. Sports betting around the globe are closely tied together.

The subtle ways we gamble and what we gamble on are all part of one big market.


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