Live Betting Explained: How Live In-Game Sports Betting Works

A bettor might not have a feel for a contest in the pre-game phase. Perhaps a key starter is injured or suspended, or maybe the underdog has a history of covering bets when playing at home. Live betting gives sports betting the chance to get a feel for the game before making bets. As the game develops, the sportsbook posts new bets with updated odds.

Live in-play betting might involve standard sports bets like point spreads, moneyline bets, or over/under totals. Also, live betting includes in-game player prop bets which are called micro-bets. If you have a hunch about the next player to score a touchdown, the next player to hit a 3-point, or the next player to hit a home run, micro-betting allows you to bet on that hunch. Read our comprehensive guide to live in-game sports betting to learn how to make these bets.

Live In-Game Sports Betting

If this type of betting sounds interesting to you, visit the live betting page at your favorite online sportsbook. Gamblers wanting more information about live in-game sports betting should keep reading. Here are examples of online live bets by US sports.

Live Betting Lines: Examples by Sport

  • NFL Live Betting: Experience the exhilaration of live wagering on NFL contests. Alongside traditional options like moneyline, spread, and total, oddsmakers often provide live odds on various aspects of the game. You can bet on the outcome of the next play, whether the offense will turn the ball over on the next drive, or the result of a drive (touchdown, punt, or turnover). Some online sportsbooks even offer live in-game player odds, allowing you to bet on specific player achievements such as a running back rushing for a certain number of yards or a star quarterback passing for a specific number of touchdowns.
  • MLB Live Betting: When an ace starting pitcher has an off-night and your moneyline wager is in jeopardy before the third inning, live betting on MLB baseball comes to the rescue. It gives you the opportunity to adapt to the current conditions of the game. If you spot a chance to hedge your bet and the live odds offer solid value, you can take advantage of it. Additionally, you can bet on run totals during the game, which can be enticing if both bullpens have high earned run averages and you want to bet on the OVER hitting late in the game.
  • Basketball Live Betting: In basketball, the saying goes “Every NBA team makes a run.” Even when a team falls behind by 20 points, they can still make a comeback. This is where NBA betting and live sports odds intersect. Live betting on basketball games provides great value on the betting board. Alongside point spreads, moneylines, and point totals, some online sportsbooks allow you to bet on player production in real time. You can wager on which player will score more points, with the odds changing throughout the game. Additionally, during the March Madness tournament, there are numerous opportunities to bet on underdogs ready to upset the favorites.
  • PGA Live Betting: Let’s consider a scenario: Jon Rahm is the favorite with odds of 8-to-1 to win The Masters in January. You place a futures bet on him, with the potential to win $800 for every $100 wagered. However, as the tournament approaches, you learn that he’s dealing with a slight back injury but still intends to participate. This is where instant betting becomes valuable. Not only can you bet on a different golfer after the first round has begun, but you can also bet live on each of Rahm’s rounds and compare his scores to other tournament favorites. For example, a live bet could involve predicting Rahm’s performance against specific opponents in head-to-head matchups.

Live Betting on the Super Bowl

When it comes to live betting on the Super Bowl, the process is similar to other NFL games. You have the opportunity to place bets on the outcome of the ongoing drive, who will score next, or the likelihood of a turnover. Additionally, you can wager on the overall winner or the total points scored in the game.

Tips for Live Betting

  • Prepare Yourself: Live sports betting is fast-paced and demands quick decisions. Therefore, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the sporting event beforehand. Don’t assume you can outsmart the oddsmakers on the spot. Take the time to research different sportsbooks and compare the lines for typical in-game bets.
  • Use Statistical Analysis: In recent years, advanced statistical analysis or analytics has become commonplace among both franchise front offices and seasoned bettors searching for value in the odds. Understanding expected value (+EV) can significantly contribute to growing your bankroll. Pay attention to coaches’ tendencies and observe which players perform better as the game progresses.
  • Don’t Go on Tilt: Stay level-headed when betting. One crucial aspect of live betting is to avoid letting your emotions dictate your decisions, especially when chasing losses. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced bettor, it is essential to establish a live betting budget before you start. By doing so, you prevent the risk of depleting your bankroll with a single live event. Consider hedging your bets if your pregame wagers are not yielding the desired results.

Pros and Cons of Live Betting

Live betting on sports offers an enticing appeal for those seeking immediate satisfaction, but it’s crucial to consider the drawbacks before placing your initial wager. Engaging in in-game betting requires a thorough understanding of its intricacies before venturing into real-money wagers online. Familiarize yourself with the dynamics of changing odds and the necessary outcomes to maximize your betting success.

Benefits of Live Betting:

  • Expanded Betting Options: Enjoy a wider range of betting opportunities.
  • Potential for Finding Value: Live betting can present favorable odds for astute bettors.
  • Instant Satisfaction: Experience immediate gratification from your wagers.
  • Hedging Possibilities: Capitalize on opportunities to hedge your bets.
  • Application of In-Game Analytics: Utilize real-time data for informed betting decisions.

Drawbacks of Live Betting:

  • Not Ideal for Novice Bettors: Live betting may not be suitable for inexperienced individuals.
  • Risk of Emotional Tilt: The fast-paced nature of live betting can lead to impulsive decisions.
  • Speed and Intensity: Some individuals may find the rapid pace overwhelming.

Live Betting FAQ

What is live betting in sports?

Live betting in sports allows you to place wagers while the event is actively in progress, unlike traditional wagers that are placed before the event takes place.

Which sports can you bet on live?

Thanks to improved real-time software at online sportsbooks, live betting is available for most sporting events, including NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL games, as well as single-athlete sports like PGA golf and tennis tournaments.

Is live sports betting legal?

Yes, live sports betting is legal for US players who place wagers at our recommended online sportsbooks.

Do online sportsbooks offer live betting?

Yes, all the online sportsbooks we recommend offer some form of live sports betting via desktop, laptop, or smart device. Check out our best online sportsbook reviews for more information.

How does live in-play betting work?

Live in-play betting is an alternative to traditional pregame betting, where players make bets in real-time while the game is happening. For example, in soccer, you can bet on the halftime score, the number of yellow cards issued, or the number of goals scored per half.

In NFL football, you can bet on the outcome of each drive, such as whether there will be an interception if the quarterback will complete his next pass, or if the offense will score.

How do I place bets on live sports?

To bet on live sports, you first need to register for an account at one of our recommended online sportsbooks. After that, select your welcome bonus, fund your account, and then browse through the upcoming sporting events you’re interested in live betting.

Can I make in-game bets on March Madness games?

Absolutely. Sportsbooks treat March Madness games the same as regular season NCAA basketball games and playoff games in other sports. While a March Madness game is active, sportsbooks offer live in-play bets on the winner/loser, over/under total, and player scoring.

Which is the best app for live betting?

The best app for live betting depends on your region and personal preferences. Consider factors such as whether you prefer moneyline bets or point spreads, in-game betting or futures bets, and the importance of mobile sports betting apps or welcome bonuses. Currently, our recommendations for US bettors are BetUS, BetOnline Sports, and XBet Sports.

Is live betting profitable?

Yes, but it requires skill and experience. In fact, for skilled bettors, live in-play betting can be more profitable than pregame betting. Sportsbooks have to create betting lines on the spot, increasing the likelihood of mistakes by oddsmakers. However, sportsbooks counter this by offering more one-sided bets. It’s crucial to have a deep understanding of the sport and in-game betting before placing these bets.

What is micro-bet? What is a micro-bet?

Micro-betting offers gamblers the opportunity to place bets on minute aspects of a game as they unfold. They are in-game prop bets, such as predicting the outcome of a single at-bat or estimating the speed of the next pitch. In-depth perspective: Given its unhurried nature and structure, baseball serves as an ideal arena for micro-betting.