US Real Money Online Sportsbook No Deposit Bonuses in 2023

No deposit bonuses are something most US online sports bettors have sought at one time or another. The idea of playing for real money without risk charms many players. They soon realize it’s harder to find no deposit bonus sportsbooks than it sounds. Luckily, we have some tips that can help bettors find free-play bonuses for their sports betting.

Below, we discuss the various types of no deposit bonuses you might find. We focus heavily on risk-free bets, which are the most common free sports bets you’ll find. Our guide to no deposit bonuses focuses on terms of use – especially the complicated rollover rules at US sportsbook sites. Once finished, you’ll have the information you need to find no deposit bonuses and risk-free bets at the best US online bookmaker sites.

No Deposit Bonus Codes at US Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks sometimes offer no deposit bonuses. These come in two major forms: the traditional no deposit bonus and the risk-free bet. Below is all you need to know about each sports betting bonus type.

  • No Deposit Bonuses: No deposit bonus codes are a type of promotional offer that US online sportsbooks use to attract new customers. These codes allow users to claim free bets or bonus funds without having to make a deposit. The most common type of no deposit bonus for sports betting is a free bet offer, which gives users a set amount of money to bet on a sports event. If the bet wins, the user will receive the winnings, minus the initial stake. If the bet loses, the user will not be charged and will not receive any winnings.
  • Risk-Free Bets: Another common type of bonus offer is a risk-free bet. This type of offer typically requires users to make a deposit, but if their first bet loses, the sportsbook will refund the user’s stake up to a certain amount. For example, a sportsbook might offer a risk-free bet of up to $500. If the user places a bet of $500 and loses, the sportsbook will refund the $500 to the user’s account.
  • Winning the Risk-Free Bet: When the bet wins, the user will receive the winnings, minus the initial stake, just like with a regular bet. The winnings appear in your sportsbook account, though it might have a small wagering requirement before you can withdraw the cash.
  • Losing the Risk-Free Bet: If the bet loses, the user will receive a refund in the form of bonus funds or free bets. These bonus funds often come with wagering requirements, meaning users will have to bet the funds a certain number of times before they can withdraw any winnings.
  • Small Casino Bonuses: Some US online sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses that include a 10% casino bonus that doesn’t require an additional deposit. This type of offer is usually only available to new customers and can be used to play casino games, such as slots or table games. The casino bonus funds may also come with wagering requirements, so users will need to check the terms and conditions before claiming the offer.

Online Sportsbook No Deposit Bonus Terminology

Before accepting an online sportsbook’s no deposit bonus code, there are several key concepts that bettors should understand. These include rollover rules, max cashout, minimum deposit, max bonus amount, and expiry date.

  • Minimum Deposit: This refers to the minimum amount of money that a bettor must deposit to be eligible for a no deposit bonus code. For example, if a sportsbook has a minimum deposit of $20, a bettor would need to deposit at least $20 to use a no deposit bonus code.
  • Max Bonus Amount: This refers to the maximum amount of bonus money that a bettor can receive from a no deposit bonus code. If a sportsbook has a max bonus amount of $100, for example, a bettor would not be able to receive more than $100 in bonus money.
  • Expiry Date: This refers to the date by which a bettor must use their no deposit bonus code. If a sportsbook has an expiry date of one week, for example, the bettor must use their bonus code within one week of receiving it or else it will expire.
  • Max Cashout: This refers to the maximum amount of money that a bettor is allowed to withdraw from their account after using a no deposit bonus code. If a sportsbook has a max cashout of $100, for example, a bettor would not be able to withdraw more than $100 in winnings from their bonus.
  • Rollover Rules: Rollover rules refer to the number of times that a bettor must wager the bonus amount before being eligible to withdraw any winnings. For example, if a sportsbook offers a $50 bonus with a 10x rollover requirement, the bettor must place $500 worth of bets before being able to withdraw any winnings. It’s important to note that different sports and bet types may have different rollover requirements.

How Rollover Rules Work on Sports Betting Bonuses

The rollover requirements can be quite specific on sports betting bonuses. The terms often apply to straight bets and teasers. Bets such as parlays, round robins, if bets, reverses, and pleasers do not count towards the wagering requirement. These rollover stipulations often use specific terms, which are described below.

  • Full Game: In football or basketball, this describes the entire duration of a game, regardless of its length. In both sports, it means the four quarters plus overtime, or (in college basketball) both halves.
  • 1st Half: In football or basketball, this means the first half of a game — the first two quarters in basketball or football games. This means bets that involve the 1st Half, but not the 2nd Half.
  • 2nd Half: This refers to the third and fourth quarters (plus overtime) in football and basketball. This means bets that involve the 2nd Half, but not the 1st Half.
  • First 5 Innings: This refers to the first five innings of a baseball game. Many baseball game bets focus on the first 5 innings when starting pitchers are most likely to be in the game.
  • Fight: This refers to a bet that involves the entire fight in either a boxing or MMA match. It is similar to the game bets in hockey or soccer.

How to Activate No Deposit Bonus Codes at US Online Sportsbooks

Activating a no deposit bonus code at a US online sportsbook is straightforward. However, it’s crucial to read the terms and conditions carefully and make sure you understand the bonus requirements to avoid any surprises.

  1. Research Online Sportsbooks: Start by researching and comparing different online sportsbooks that offer no deposit bonuses. Check their reputation, customer service, and the terms and conditions of their bonuses to determine which sportsbook offers the best deal for you.
  2. Sign Up at a Sportsbook: Once you have chosen a sportsbook, sign up for an account by providing your personal information, such as name, email address, and date of birth.
  3. Use the No Deposit Bonus Code: After signing up, you will be prompted to enter a bonus code. Enter the no deposit bonus code provided by the sportsbook to activate your bonus.
  4. Free Play Betting Rules: Most US online sportsbooks typically allow bettors to place an initial bet without risking any of their own money. Users receive a certain amount of free play money by the sportsbook, which they can use to place bets on various sporting events.
  5. Winning Free Play Bets: If the bet is successful, the user will receive the winnings as normal. If the bet loses, the bettor will not lose any actual money. It’s a risk-free bet.
  6. Read Terms of Use: Before you start placing bets, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions of the no deposit bonus. Pay attention to the wagering requirements, expiration date, and eligible bets.
  7. Place Real Money Sports Bets: Once you have activated your no deposit bonus, you can start placing real money sports bets on wagers that apply to the bonus terms. Be sure to check the eligible bets to avoid any surprises.
  8. Clear the Wagering Requirement: Most no deposit bonuses come with a wagering requirement that you need to meet before you can cash out any winnings. The wagering requirement is often as low as 3x, which means you need to wager your bonus amount three times before you can withdraw your winnings.
  9. Cash Out Winnings: After you have cleared the wagering requirement, you can cash out any winnings you have made using the no deposit bonus. Follow the sportsbook’s cash-out process to receive your winnings.

No Deposit Bonuses Online Sportsbook FAQ

How do no deposit bonus codes work at US online sportsbooks?

No deposit codes require registration for a new player account. You can only have one account per household (IP address). Once you sign up, you’ll want to log into your account and go to the Bonuses page (or cashier page). Find a no deposit bonus, use the bonus code if required, and accept the bonus.

Next, play games that clear the wagering requirement. Clear the rollover, then withdraw any bonus cash that remains. Risk-free bets are easier. You’ll receive cash to make a bet on a sporting event, clear the small wagering requirement if you win, and cash out the remaining bonus cash.

Are there restrictions on how I can use my no deposit free bet?

Yes. Most no deposit free bets are limited to full-game best, 1st half bets, or 2nd half bets. If you’re betting on an NFL or NBA game, then you’ll need to bet on a full game winner or the winner of one of the halves. Prop bets, in-game bets, and many exotic bets like parlays and pleasers are off-limits. Teasers sometimes are allowed.

Which betting sites offer no deposit free bets?

In the US online sports betting industry, no deposit free bets are becoming more common in the regulated sportsbook niche. Bookmaker sites offer no risk-free bets ranging from $10 to $250.

How do I claim a no free bet no deposit offer?

In most instances, you’ll need to register for a new player account at an online sports betting site. Once you sign up, you receive a no deposit bonus (also called a signup bonus). Bettors cannot have two or more player accounts per household (IP address), so you aren’t eligible if you already have an account at that particular US online sportsbook.

How do I find the best free bet offers?

We research for you. Our reviewers keep track of the best free bet offers and post them in our site reviews and bonus reviews. Look for any table on the reviews and bonuses pages on Sports Betting Headquarters and it will have information on the best no deposit bonuses and free bet offers at US online sportsbooks.