Best NFL Betting Sites 2022 (Real Money Football Sportsbooks Online)

American gamblers love to bet on a wide variety of sports. However, nothing piques their interests quite like wagering on NFL games.

NFL betting has become the premier market at US-facing online sportsbooks. It also draws sports gamblers from other parts of the globe.

You shouldn’t experience any trouble finding betting sites that accept NFL wagers. However, you don’t want to randomly choose the first betting site you find.

This page provides recommendations on the best NFL betting sites. It also discusses how we determine the top football sportsbooks.

Criteria for the Best NFL Betting Sites

Everybody has specific factors that they like about online NFL betting. For some, the bonuses are what draw them to an online sportsbook. For others, favorable odds/prices attract them to a site.

That said, we look at a variety of factors to choose high-quality football betting sites. You can see the most-important aspects that factor into our ratings below.

NFL Championship Trophy and Footballs

Bonus & Promotions

Most mobile sportsbooks offer a welcome bonus to new gamblers. They use these deals to entice bettors into signing up and depositing.

Of course, some bonuses stand out above the rest. The best NFL bonuses offer a combination of size and favorable terms and conditions.

Regarding the size, some sites feature risk-free bets that are worth up to $500 or more. Certain bookmakers also provide deposit bonuses that are worth hundreds of dollars.

The terms and conditions determine how hard you must work for bonus money. Stringent T&Cs force you to jump through hoops to earn anything. Lighter terms, on the other hand, give you a stronger chance at cashing in.

A good sportsbook will continue providing promotions beyond the welcome bonus. It may offer free bets, deposit bonuses, risk-free wagers, and/or loyalty rewards. In any case, you want more opportunities to collect free cash after the initial bonus.

Markets & Bet Types

If you’re primarily an NFL bettor, then you may be fine with a small selection of other markets. Assuming you’re somebody who likes wagering on anything from football to water polo, though, then you’ll seek a wide variety of sports.

Some bookmakers do an outstanding job of providing everything from popular to obscure markets. These are the sportsbooks that you want.

Of course, you may also feel like trying different types of bets. Every bookmaker offers moneylines, point spreads, and totals.

How many prop bets and live wagering opportunities do they offer, though? You’ll want to find answers to these questions when looking to maximize your NFL betting opportunities.


The quality of an internet sportsbook can often be judged by its support team. Behind any successful betting site is a team of skilled customer service reps.

On the contrary, questionable betting sites feature rude and/or nonresponsive reps. You definitely want to avoid operators that are plagued by these issues.

Preferably, an online sportsbook will provide multiple ways for you to reach support. Live chat is especially important because it’s the fastest way to reach reps.

Banking Options

You don’t necessarily need 10-12 banking methods to choose from. However, a decent sportsbook should at least give you a few different ways to deposit. More banking options means more likelihood that you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw funds with ease.

Deposit/cash out limits are important too. Lower deposit limits mean that you don’t need to spend as much funding your account. Higher withdrawal limits let you cash out more winnings at once.


Reputable online sportsbooks do their best to satisfy customers. They know that their success rate depends upon keeping bettors happy.

Less-savory bookmakers, meanwhile, do a poor job of serving customers. They have bad customer service, make slow payouts, and/or use ambiguous bonus terms. The latter can cause you to miss out on legitimately earned bonuses.

We highly value reputation when it comes to recommending mobile sportsbooks. This being said, we’ll never suggest a bookmaker that comes with lots of complaints—no matter how they might rate in other areas.

What Are Some of the Top NFL Sportsbooks?

If you’re an NFL bettor in the US, then you’ll enjoy plenty of options when it comes to mobile bookmakers. Here are some of our top recommendations for US-friendly betting sites.

BetUS has been in the sports betting game for well over a quarter century. It has survived the test of time by offering a vast NFL selection, many other markets, and big bonuses.

Speaking of the latter, you can expect a 200% match crypto bonus (150% sports/50% casino) on your first deposit. The entire package is worth up to $2,500 ($1,875 sports/$625 casino).

The rollover (15x) is pretty high for a sports gambling bonus. Nevertheless, this deal offers far more potential cash than almost any other betting bonus in the industry.


Branching off the Bodog Brand, Bovada has been a major player in the US sports gambling market for a decade-plus. It’s quite possibly the most-trusted name among Americans.

Bovada features a huge live betting section. Therefore, you’ll be able to place many in-game wagers on NFL contests.

It also provides plenty of promotions. For starters, you can cash in on a 75% match Bitcoin bonus worth up to $750. The rollover on this deal is only 5x for sports, which is the same as horse betting.

MyBookie rounds out of list of the best NFL online sportsbooks. It touts itself as the place to “Bet on Anything. Anywhere. Anytime.”

MyBookie does a nice job of living up to this billing—especially regarding NFL games. You’ll find no shortage of football bets here.

You can also cash in on a 50% match bonus worth up to $1,000. This deal comes with fairly reasonable 10x rollover.

Tips for Choosing NFL Betting Sites

Most online sportsbooks that serve the US take care of their customers. Unfortunately, a few bad apples do exist.

You certainly want to do your best to avoid the worst options. The following tips will help you do so.

Get an Idea on a Sportsbook’s Reputation

Any mobile sportsbook that’s been operating for a while will draw complaints. Some of these gripes come from angry bettors who are mad that they lost. Therefore, you need to take some complaints with a grain of salt.

However, a history of late payments, bad support, and not honoring bonuses should be taken very seriously. You never want to bet with any bookmaker that suffers one or more of these problems.


Most online sportsbooks obtain licensing of some type. Such licensing shows that an operator has gone through the necessary steps to set up a legitimate business.

You will, however, find some betting sites that serve customers without a license. This situation is most common among crypto-only sportsbooks.

Given that such bookmakers haven’t even bothered to get licensed, you should avoid depositing with them. The chances of negative experiences increase with unlicensed operators.

Read Reviews

This tip might seem obvious, but it’s worth reiterating that you should read reviews on any prospective sportsbook. The goal is to ensure that you get a composite view on a particular bookmaker before depositing.

You can start by checking out the reviews on our website. As covered earlier, we review various factors to determine if a sportsbook is worth your time.

Contact Customer Service

Reviews can tell you a lot about a betting site’s support. You might want to get some firsthand knowledge, though, of the customer service team.

You can quickly do this by sending an email to support. Alternatively, you can use live chat and reach the team faster.

Your request can be something as simple as asking about bonus rollover. The idea is to gauge how the reps treat you.

Check Bonus Terms & Conditions

Bonus T&Cs should be clear and straight to the point. You shouldn’t need a lawyer to decipher terms and conditions.

Unfortunately, some online sportsbooks use ambiguous terms to prevent bettors from cashing in on bonuses. If you see multiple unclear terms, then you know to stay away.


The end goal when choosing NFL betting sites is to find a reputable operator that excels in multiple aspects. You especially want them to perform well in your favorite areas.

If you’re somebody who appreciates big bonuses, then you need to find a sportsbook that offers them. Of course, you also want to make sure that the bookmaker has solid support, enough banking options, and other important qualities.

Of course, finding a good online betting site shouldn’t become a full-time job. Assuming you put the work in, though, then you’ll find a sportsbook that makes your NFL gambling experience entertaining for a long time.